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Reasons for choosing the SolaX hybrid system

Solax Power needs no introduction to photovoltaic experts. Based on more than ten years of experience in the production of photovoltaic inverters (2011) and more than eight years of hybrid inverter development (2013), Solax Power, in cooperation with the leading university Zejiang University in China "Silicon Valley", presents the fourth generation of hybrid inverters for use with battery storage. Despite the fact that the third generation won a well-deserved firm position in the hybrid inverter market, Solax Power comes with a new and improved fourth generation. Both the user and the installer of the new generation can look forward to several fundamental improvements, pushing its added value even further ahead of the competition.


The main changes include:

1. Achieving up to 150% asymmetry on one phase

In our environment, the asymmetric operation of the inverter is a very important function. Newly, however, the inverter can distribute the produced energy even more efficiently on the individual phases. In practice, this means that with increased consumption on one phase, the inverter can transfer up to 150% of the rated power to the phase where it is needed. For users, this results in even higher utilization of solar energy, either directly from panels or accumulators.

2. Almost zero flows into the network

Despite the fact that the entire range of available hybrid inverters offers the function of zero flows to the grid, in practice it usually looks different. Especially with low current consumption, inverters have a problem eliminating flows. However, the fourth generation of Solax hybrids reaches a maximum of around 8-14W even on unloaded phases.

3. Integrated BACKUP and backup speed <10ms

Newly, to simplify the system and save input costs, the function of the external EPS box is integrated directly into the inverter. In addition, however, the integrated contactors allow switching to the backup source in the event of an AC failure in <10ms! This will also ensure the smooth operation of most computers.

4. Even easier installation

This advantage will be especially appreciated by the installation company. In addition to significantly faster assembly (within 30 minutes), it is not necessary to have the inverter connected to the network or to photovoltaics. The internal voltage from the accumulator is enough to revive the system and installers thus gain more flexibility during installation.

5. Power range up to 15kW

The fourth hybrid generation is new in outputs of up to 15 kW at the output to the network. The offer includes the latest two power variants of 12kW and 15kW, while both variants can be over-dimensioned up to 18kWp at the photovoltaic input. The inverters are also suitable for smaller industrial applications where energy needs to be stored in accumulators. For larger applications, there is also the option of connecting up to ten inverters in parallel, when up to 8 T58 batteries (5.8 kWh) can be connected to each three-phase inverter. Thus, the maximum capacity of the entire system is 464kWh.

6. More efficient consumption management

Hybrids are newly equipped with an output potential-free relay for signaling surpluses. The relay serves to maximize the use of produced energy by setting the flow parameters in the inverter from photovoltaics or batteries (in connection with SOC). It is simply possible to direct excess energy to any appliances, e.g. home heating system, water heating or wallbox for charging an electric car.

7. All-in-one solution

Solax Hybrid G4 can be purchased in two versions. One option is for installing the inverter separately, and the other is for an All-in-one solution with T30 batteries. To install the second variant, it is necessary to obtain the so-called Matebox, which not only significantly shortens and simplifies the installation of the entire system, but the end user gets one design device that contains everything (inverter and battery). The attractive all-in-one design was awarded in the prestigious Red Dot Award Product Design 2021 competition. Last but not least, the entire system has IP65 protection, with the option of being placed in an outdoor environment.

8. Minimization of own consumption

Compared to the previous generation, the value of the inverters own energy consumption was reduced by 10W.


You can view the range of SolaX hybrid inverters here.


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