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Solax X3-Hybrid-8.0-D G4 WiFi 3.0 CT

The asymmetric converter is the fourth generation of one of the most popular converters on the market from the worlds leading manufacturer.

Hybrid three-phase 8kW, SolaX X3-8.0-D G4 with Wifi module

  • Supports overload up to 150% DC input and 110% AC output
  • Maximum efficiency 98%
  • Built-in shadow tracking function
  • It contains two independent MPPT trackers
  • Degree of protection IP65, suitable for outdoor use
  • Three-phase asymmetric output, maximum output power 3kW on one phasee
  • Simple and visual interface for the possibility of configuration and control of parameters from the front screen or from the mobile application
  • Including a wifi module in the package
  • Maximum charging and discharging current 30A
  • Option to install inverters in parallel to expand performance
  • 10 year warranty

The SolaX X3 Hybrid is a three-phase grid-connected inverter without a transformer, which is responsible for synchronizing with the electricity grid of the distribution company in order to ensure the consumption of the energy produced by the solar panels. It contains two MPPT controllers with efficiency higher than 99%, IP65 protection and various communication protocols, both to monitor its operation and to communicate with energy meter accessories.

With SolaX X-Hybrid, you can ensure that you never run out of power, even during a power outage. An emergency power supply or "EPS" switch allows the X-Hybrid to operate completely off-grid, meaning that in the event of a power failure, the energy stored in the batteries is used.

This inverter allows the distribution of energy to the external grid when the solar energy production is higher than the internal consumption of the house.

Wifi monitoring of the Solax hybrid inverter

SolaX allows its users wireless monitoring using a Wifi module for the entire range of SolaX X3 G4 inverters. A simple, user friendly user interface located on the SolaX Cloud or using a mobile application. Monitoring will allow you to see the performance of your system anywhere in the world.

With Solax Cloud or the SolaX App, you have full control over your device. You can configure and search data from your Solax hybrid inverters. In addition to full control over the solar device, you can see immediate, historical consumption and production in different time intervals, also in graphic form.


Producer: Solax Power

Warranty: 120 months

In stock: 1 ks

Reservation: 0 ks


1 898,13
RP: 7.5 €
2 286,76 € (with VAT)


1 - 2 ks 1 898,13 €
3 - 5 ks 1 825,13 €
6 a viac ks 1 752,12 €
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